Testimonials About Liberty Wristband's Hands Free Dog Leash Device

I'm writing this testimonial on behalf of Liberty Wristband. It. Is. Awesome! For someone who loves being out and walking my dog but has weak wrists and hands and it hurts to grip the leash all the time, this hands free product has been awesome. It's also great to free up my hands when I have to tie the doggie bag, hold my coffee, talk on the phone or whatever else may come up. Even shaking someone's hand at the dog park without having to potentially drop and shift all the things you're holding. It is super convenient and has made my life easier! I love it and highly recommend it!

Janessa Portland, ME

"Working with hundreds of dogs per month, I have the pleasure of using LIBERTY WRISTBAND on a variety of temperaments, sizes, levels of training, etc. I never leave home without it. Thank you for bringing this to market. I continue to use and vend the product with pride and confidence".

Elizabeth Langham, Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Tree Frog Farm Dog Training - North Yarmouth, ME

"My dog Coalie is in excess of 85+ pounds - Liberty Wristband is awesome!

I travel extensively on my job, and my children are relegated to walking my dog in most instances. There is no pulling , dragging, what so ever - They love it as they are teenagers-they like the hands off that this Wristband provides so they can text and talk to their friends on their cell phones while walking Coalie.  Thank you on both fronts!"


Matt Tatarczuk,  Norton, Ma.

"You have a wonderful ingenious product. I recommend this to ALL of my fellow pet-sitters and for use with your own dog.  Each experience out with the dogs is much safer now and much less stressful thanks to Liberty Wristband!"

Catherine B.  Poway CA

"I got the Liberty Wristband about a week ago after a friend recommended it. We have a 90 lb. dog and it is strong enough to handle her without a problem. We are incredibly happy with this device"

Ken C. Chicago, IL

"Absolutely great construction, I am very critical since I am the owner of my own sewing business. It is comfortable on your wrist and does snug up nicely. Having both hands free from holding a leash is just a wonderful feeling. I have to admit, it is much easier to walk the dogs now. I keep it in my 'go bag' in case I need to walk the dogs. Now I have a better excuse to walk the dogs more often!! Thanks for inventing and making a great Made in the USA product"

Cindy W.  Elkhart, IN

"Your device is brilliant. I no longer worry about hanging on to the leash and still have excellent control. I have walked dogs on leash my whole life and have always wanted something like this....Finally!! Thanks LIBERTY WRISTBAND...my daily dog walks are now completely stress free."

Robert O. Boston MA

OMG I finally found you! I am blind, and my guide dog is ALWAYS at my side. I sometimes need both hands to do things. I saw another wearing your wrist band and he could'nt remember the name. Took me months! its my firm belief that ALL dog handlers from service to guide dogs need this wonderful invention. Thank you for a wonderful product. 

Debbie Fazio - Hendersonville, NC

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