LIBERTY WRISTBAND® IS THE WORLDS FIRST AND ONLY HANDS FREE DEVICE FOR DOG WALKING WITH CONTROL. All other hands free systems are "belt leash" type devices which attach to the waist,  your center of gravity and balance. Belt leash systems provide ZERO CONTROL which can be extremely dangerous.

LIBERTY WRISTBAND® simply attaches to any size dog leash for any size dog instantly converting your dog walks into a HANDS FREE EXPERIENCE WITH SAFETY, COMFORT AND CONTROL.

1.  SAFETY: LIBERTY WRISTBAND® was primarily designed for SAFETY. It was engineered around a (patent pending) MANUAL QUICK RELEASE SYSTEM. Your dog is securely attached to you unless you manually pull a spring loaded release which instantly disengages you from the leash. This is a huge piece of mind in the event your dog is tangled or you simply must let go of your leash for any reason.

2.  HANDS-FREE DOG WALKS: LIBERTY WRISTBAND®  eliminates all hand effort required to hold onto any size leash without sacrificing essential control: There is NO MORE WRIST WRAPPING and NO MORE GRIP FATIGUE FROM HOLDING ON. You enjoy a comfortable, safe and secure tether to your dog while both hands are free to use a cell phone, drink a beverage or JUST SIMPLY RELAX !

3.  100% CONTROL: All dog walkers desire control. We want to hold on to our dogs safely and easily at all cost. Most dog walkers appreciate that maximum control is on your arm for many reasons: your arm allows for a dynamic variety of angles and ranges and provides for natural shock absorption whether your dog is well trained or not. LIBERTY WRISTBAND® was engineered to make dog walking 100% stress free and controlled regardless of hand strength or a dog 's behavior on a leash.

4.  AMAZING COMFORT:  LIBERTY WRISTBAND® is an extremely strong aluminum clasp firmly attached to thick, all weather neoprene (.25 inches) for super comfort and support. Additionally, a strip of durable nylon webbing is wrapped around the neoprene for added strength. This innovative design provides a cozy yet stable feeling. It also helps to absorb most shock. We stand by our slogan, JUST LET GO!  

We want everyone who loves walking their dog to have a safer, more comfortable, and completely stress-free experience. This is what dog walking is all about!  We guarantee that once you experience walking  your dog with a LIBERTY WRISTBAND®, you will never look back!



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