The story of LIBERTY WRISTBAND® is really the story of Bill's beloved dog, Henry, a spirited Labrador and pointer mix. Henry alone was the inspiration behind LIBERTY WRISTBAND®

When Bill adopted Henry, the highlight of every day was walking him. However, on every single walk, Henry would either pull the leash right out of Bill's hand or force him to drop the leash handle. This was no fun. In fact, it made all of these walks stressful, if not terrifying.

Even when Henry was well-behaved, Bill hated the experience of daily grip fatigue from holding on. He wanted both of his hands to be free for other items (cell phone, bags or drinks). But most of all, Bill just wanted to relax both hands and simply enjoy walking Henry. Bill wanted a hands free leash.

A Snap ShackleEventually, Bill thought "there has to be a better way!" One particular day, Bill had an idea: as a lifelong mariner, Bill sewed a marine "snap shackle" to the palm of a sailing glove.  A "snap shackle" is a simple devices most often used by sailors to hold ropes under great forces because it can be opened manually (under any load or force) at any time.

BINGO!  All of his problems with Henry were solved!  Bill's "hands free" glove attached to any leash and provided a far more comfortable hold and an absolute secure attachment to Henry without sacrificing any control. Plus if he had to release Henry's leash for any reason, he could instantly let go of the leash with a quick pull on the shackle.

To Bill's amazement, nothing like his invention seemed to exist anywhere. People were constantly noticing his glove and asking where they could get one, so Bill decided he was onto something and sought out to turn his weekend invention into a real product.

Over the course of three years and dozens of designs, Bill's glove evolved into LIBERTY WRISTBAND® . The original bulky snap shackle was replaced by a custom-designed aluminum quick release. The glove became a wristband with a comfortable neoprene interior, and a tough nylon exterior. 

We are thrilled that LIBERTY WRISTBAND® has already changed the lives of thousands of dog owners. We know when you try LIBERTY WRISTBAND® for the first time, you will instantly be won over because you will be able to completely relax and enjoy your walks - hands free with control. We owe our thanks to Henry.

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