FAQ About Our Hands Free Leash Device, The Liberty Wristband®

Q: For what size dog is LIBERTY WRISTBAND® recommended?

A:  ALL SIZES OF DOGS. We wanted LIBERTY WRISTBAND® to be super strong and capable of holding on to the largest dogs and to any amount of force. Leash training a dog shouldn't be limited to size.

Q:  But what if my dog is a "PULLER"?  Can LIBERTY WRISTBAND® help?

A:  YES:  Very simply - when your dog pulls, you are either forced to hold on even tighter or wrap the leash around your hand and wrist. Well, now you can "JUST LET GO" and relax. LIBERTY WRISTBAND® holds on safely and comfortably for you and absorbs the shock of the pull. Moreover, certified trainers are endorsing this hands free leash walking device for training against pulling.

Q:  My dog behaves awesomely on a leash. Why should I consider a LIBERTY WRISTBAND®

A:  Regardless of how your dog behaves on a leash, you are still forced to hold on to the very end of the leash or wrap it around your hand and wrist. With LIBERTY WRISTBAND®, you simply attach the leash to the clasp and JUST LET GO. People tend to use this dog leash device for running, biking, or other activities that are possible with well-trained dogs.

Q:  My dog is wild and crazy on a leash. He/she is all over the place. Can LIBERTY WRISTBAND® help?  

A: YES. When your dog is all over the place, so are you and most folks will wrist wrap multiple times for more security, or they will give the leash a death grip because no one wants to release the leash and risk losing their dog.  LIBERTY WRISTBAND® solves this problem and holds on securely and comfortably for you with peace of mind, knowing you have a manual safety release. 


A:  SAFETY is the security of the aluminum clasp designed to hold onto all size dogs, yet it is engineered to release only if you need it to release (for example, if your dog is tangled). COMFORT is the neoprene and nylon webbing construction which absorbs any load and just feels cozy on the wrist. CONTROL is all in the wrist and arm, which absorbs shock and provides variety in angles and ranges from you to your dog.   

Q:  I walk 2 or more dogs at the same time. Can LIBERTY WRISTBAND® hold more than one leash?  

A: Yes. Depending on the size of the leash, you can easily load the clasp with more than one leash handle. Or you can buy the Liberty Wristband® in a two-pack or four-pack.

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