For Arthritis:

Liberty Wristband will ease Arthritis pain in the hand while walking the dog by alleviating pressure from the leash. 

Hand pain is one feature of joint inflammation (arthritis) that may be felt in the wrist or in the hand. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two most common types of arthritis in the hand. 

The Liberty Wristband allows the arthritis sufferer  to securely 'hold the leash' without exerting pressure or requiring any grip strength to comfortably, safely, and securely enjoy a stroll with their favorite pet.
In other words, for those suffering from arthritis pain in the hand, arm surgery, a weak grip, or other painful hand or wrist conditions, Liberty Wristband can alleviate pressure to these sensitive areas providing a 'hands free' walking experience all while assuring that your pet is safely secured. 
For those who do not suffer from arthritis pain in the hand, and yet utilize a crutch, cane or walking stick will also find an element of added mobility and enjoyment by  not having to struggle with holding the leash in their hand  or wrapping the leash around their wrist.
Wheelchair users find that the ability to have their hands free to maneuver their wheelchair while keeping their pet securely on the leash serves to be very practical and valuable to an enjoyable experience together. In fact, Liberty Wristband was recently rated as the #1 Hands Free Device by the "GRIT Wheelchair Company"
             "Being a dog lover my whole life, I found it hard not being able to grab a leash and take my dogs for a walk, however LIBERTY WRISTBAND has completely solved this problem for me! I no longer have to worry about how I will be able to hold on to a leash, I just strap my LIBERTY WRISTBAND around my wrist and go! Thank you for this awesome product, it has allowed me to walk, or in my case roll around with my English Bulldog with complete confidence" !  - John M.


       "Due to a spinal cord injury, I do not have feeling in either of my arms/hands and in addition I don't have much hand strength or ability to grasp.  So basically I can't really hold the leash nor can I feel if/when it comes off my wrist...NOT GOOD!!!!!  Needless to say, your product has saved my life; I can't even go for one walk without it" !  - Margaret H.

The comfortable and stylish Liberty Wristband also has a Patent Pending Manual Quick release feature. The manual Quick Release function of the Liberty Wristband is an outstanding safety feature that releases the leash should it be necessary to release the leash for the safety of the owner or the pet.  The leash is released with a simple tug on the release pin cord, and people who lack dexterity or the use of both hands due to arthritis pain or other conditions, have found that they can in fact release the leash by pulling the release pin cord with their teeth.  This quick release function is an essential feature for unruly large pets or emergency situations. 

Liberty Wristband is highly acclaimed and widely acknowledged by professionals and clients worldwide as the perfect 'hands free' dog walking solution for those suffering or for those dog lovers who desire the free use of their hands while enjoying time with their pet.

Liberty Wristband is also a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

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