For Disabled in Wheelchairs

LIBERTY WRISTBAND was Rated #1 hands free device for wheelchair users by GRIT wheelchair:

LIBERTY WRISTBAND leaves the user with a COMPLETELY free hand. As with any general type of equipment, there are many options in this category, but the #1 rated choice for wheelchair users is Liberty Wristband. Why is this ideal for a wheelchair user? Well, it's unlike any other wristband leash attachment on the market. The clasp can accommodate whatever leash you currently use on your dog, and is a quick release safety mechanism!


So glad to hear from you! I am absolutely loving my LIBERTY WRISTBAND! I was left a quadriplegic after being a passenger in a car accident. With my injury my fingers are paralyzed and I have zero grasping ability. Being a dog lover my whole life, I found it hard not being able to grab a leash ands take my dogs for a walk, however LIBERTY WRISTBAND has completely solved this problem for me! I no longer have to worry about how I will be able to hold on to a leash, I just strap my LIBERTY WRISTBAND around my wrist and go! Thank you for this awesome product, it has allowed me to walk, or in my case roll around with my English Bulldog with complete confidence! It is nice to purchase a piece of equipment that is priced great and works for both able bodied people and those who are differently abled. 

God bless,
- John M


You may or may not remember me. It was about a year ago that I first got my service dog from  Canine Companions for Independence and I stumbled upon your product. It has been a lifeline to me for this past year but last summer I contacted your company because The pin came out of my wristband. You not only sent me the necessary piece with which to fix it, you also sent me another one!  I was incredibly impressed with the type of customer service you put out there and your product has become a staple in my caring for my dog.   Due to a spinal cord injury, I do not have feeling in either of my arms/hands and in addition I don't have much hand strength or ability to grasp.  So basically I can't really hold the leash nor can I feel if/when it comes off my wrist...NOT GOOD!!!!!  Needless to say, your product has saved my life; I can't even go for one walk without it!

- Margaret H.


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